The Transformation
A reporter came onto the campus of a camp for kids with special needs and asked the director to describe the work we were doing. The director pointed him in my direction. “Jackie” is one of these stories.

First Responders and Autism
Here is an article on a conference I initiated and co-developed, entitled ?First Responders and Individuals with Autism: Averting Crises and Preventing Disastrous Consequences.? I believe it was the first of its kind in Westchester County, NY. Over 100 first responders attended. Video tapes were shown including a 9-minute video of a parent who needed to call the police 10 times for her teen daughter. The parent attended the conference and led a Q & A discussion with the first responders. All videos are available for viewing.

Autism therapist volleys for social skills
Table Tennis Therapy program was written up in several newspapers, and a national magazine. This is one of the write-ups. Contact Rob if this sounds good for your child.

Shooter Prompts Aspergers Experts to Speak
Autism and violence get associated in the news when there is an occurrence such as the Adam Lanza shooting in Newtown Connecticut in 2012.

March 2018 WGHB Interview With Paul Feiner.