Autism Speech does a one-on-one individualized evaluation and treatment of people with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). The goal is for your child to significantly improve. Based on each client’s developmental level, age, family circumstances, and particular needs, Rob Bernstein may:

  • Consult/advise parents and other family members

  • Build collaborative relationships with teachers, and other professionals involved with the client

  • Observe the client in program or school settings

  • Advocate for educational testing/placement/IEP meetings/curriculum changes and other academic needs

  • Work with the client and family in their home

  • Provide insight to family and professionals about clients’ cognitive processes and strategies Rob is using in one-on-one treatment that are proving to be successful

  • Work with clients’ typical siblings to facilitate better relationships

  • Collaborate with specialists in fields of interest to the client or that Rob believes could benefit the client

  • Use out-of-office environments extensively to facilitate more typical behavior and thinking in real-life settings

  • Assist with job training and job placement, and living as independently as possible

  • Help establish healthy relationships with peers

There are many more examples of services Autism Speech will provide based on individual clients’ needs. But in all cases, clients receive extensive evaluations to determine underlying issues to be targeted.

How It Works

1) EVALUATION: The “evaluation” is not like any other. This parent struggles to find another word for me to use.

2) INCREASE PARENT EFFECTIVENESS: At the end of each session, parents are brought into the office to discuss their loved one. The more empowered the parents are, the better it is for the child. Intense parent training is available.

3) THE NEXT LEVEL FOR YOUR CHILD: Here, Eileen Fisher, aprreciates the turn-around in her child’s life.

4) TALKING: ?Cognitive growth, which is the key to development, invariably leads to meaningful language. Here is a parent being shown a clip from which his wife would cry when she sees it.

5) ENDURING STRENGTH: Through intense therapy, I increase exercising the clear thinking part of the mind with the mind-body connection using cognitive exercises. I also sometimes include remarkable yoga and music instructors.